Without vision, action is a daydream!


It's all about the showreel

Recently we met the team behind Fresh Creative Catering and created a sexy presentation to showcase their brilliance; it got me thinking - how many of us actually take the time to document the work we do.

Food for thought, no pun intended!

You can never be too rich

They say that money makes the world go around (we thought it was gravitational pull but whose arguing) so, when our client AIGS was having difficulty receiving payment prior to their training courses, our collective team pulled together their online payment training portal - they've been laughing all the way to the bank since!

You've got them, what do you want to do with them?

We all know that our blogs and social media posts need to drive traffic to our website, but what then? How many of our websites are those show reels - displaying what we want rather than detailing how we can help our clients?

How we can make doing business with us easier?

 So we learnt how Landing Pages really worked - tell people what you want them to do, show them how to do it and remind them again

Simple is as simple does!

The soap box

Social media, it's there and has been for a while - the proverbial talking stick - we're all using it, we're all speaking but

Are we using it effectively?

We've got websites, LinkedIn and Facebook but are they all talking to each other are we talking to the right people?

Start with the end in mind

We started to look at this whole digital marketing 'thing' from a different perspective and realised that unless we became 'helicopter' parents to our clients all online activities were like dressing spaghetti, pretty pointless.

Creating a digital marketing strategy is as important as defining your sales goals and what to have on your rye toast in the morning (obviously marmite!)

Let go, look up, dive in!

Until my one thing is done everything else is a di...

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