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We love the fact that UI is so flexible and open, linking notes to notebooks, sharing, screen grabs, Google Drive and Dropbox file integration, reminders, task scheduling, the list goes on… 

Evernote has long been a leader in the note-taking and note-syncing space, though the company has taken its fair share of criticism in recent years for adding excessive features without polishing core ones, and most recently, changing its pricing and tiers of service.

A free account will let you use Evernote locally on only two devices, plus in any browser. It's by far the biggest limitation of using the free account, and it seems all the more severe for longtime users, give that Evernote historically always gave free members unfettered access across all their devices. 

There are some great features on the free account, including the ability to search any text found in images. Imagine taking a photo of a whiteboard or a page of a book and being able to search for the words on it. It's superb.

Evernote is one of those applications that you either get or struggle to understand. It's so flexible and open that when you first start using it, you can easily get blank-page syndrome. On their company's blog, you can find tips and use cases, which can help you understand the service's value.

In brief, Evernote is a place to record and save all your thoughts, notes, photos—whatever you upload—in the cloud so that you can get to all of it from your computer, smartphone, tablet, or anywhere you have an Internet connection and a browser.

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